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Nancy Douglas


Nancy Douglas is an illustrator and teaching artist. Since 1995 her painterly collage illustrations have appeared in publishing, advertising, and most recently in animation. She uses a combination of mediums: magazine clippings, her own photos, documents, coloured paper, paint and coloured pencil. Her fine art pieces are auto biographical, using drawing, painting and collage.

Art begins with dialogue! Her current commissioned work is a large-scale collage for Royal Military College. RMC Four Pillars Art Project which illustrates more than 150 years of the College, began by interviewing Faculty, Staff, Cadets and Ex Cadets. Extensive research and collaboration with RMC Museum Curators informs the direction and content of the artwork.

Nancy enjoys maps, genealogy, history, archives and collaborating. These ingredients combine to form a new body of work entitled Foundry. This upcoming fine art exhibition includes large drawings of personal objects and a giant, rotating model of Findlay’s Foundry-before and after it was bulldozed. The exhibition is a snapshot into the Douglas family’s life in Carlton Place, Ontario in 1969. It explores the women’s movement, manufacturing vs. hi-tech, the railroad and changing neighbourhoods.

Nancy has enjoyed teaching art and art workshops since 1995, and considers teaching to be a part of her art practice.

Examples of Nancy's workshops:

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Nancy Douglas
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