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About the Arts Infusion Committee

The Arts Infusion Committee was established in 2021 to maintain a strong presence for the arts and arts-infused learning in the Faculty of Education. We aim to engage the Faculty of Education community in artistic experiences that deepen connections with the self, with others, and with learning across disciplines. 

Within the Faculty of Education at Queen's University, the Arts Infusion Committee is dedicated to:

  • Enhancing the overall presence of the arts

  • Increasing general awareness and understanding of the arts

  • Making the arts accessible for everyone

  • Creating opportunities for arts-infused learning, both inside and outside the classroom

Committee Members (2023-2024)

Benjamin Bolden

Rosa Bruno-Jofré

Rebecca Evans

Aynne Johnston

Tiina Kukkonen

Shelley Mulrooney

Holly Ogden

Michelle Searle

Trevor Strong

Student Advisors (2023-2024)

Alyssa Asaro

Alexis Bruno-McKinney

Ren Challacombe

Annabel Fleming

Lucia Stewart

Graham McVeety

AIC 2023 report.png
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