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Michael Amar

Visual Artist

My development as an artist/teacher is a journey closely intertwined between teaching visual arts and working as an artist. In the making of images, my medium has varied greatly from working with steel, clay (modelling and casting), wood, ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking. It is the nature of the image itself that will dictate the medium for me.

As a professional artist I have exhibited my work in a variety of venues including Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre (most recently 2021). I have taught visual arts at Central Technical School (full time art program), St. Lawrence College and Loyalist College (continuing ed. and portfolio program).

In 2008 I retired from full time teaching to devote my time to my art making practice. As a senior artist, I am learning that the mystery of art making, creativity and the workings of the imagination is often revealed when most unexpected. My experience of working with Inuit artist in Pelly Bay in 1987 furthered my understanding of art and the role of the artist in the community.


Studied Visual Art at:

Central Technical School (3 year post secondary)

York University, Faculty of Fine Arts (BFA)

Queen's University Faculty of Ed (BA Ed)

Examples of Michael's workshops:

Michael Amar Workshops
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Michael Amar
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