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Diane Black


Diane Black is a Kingston artist who began her training in the field of illustration and graphic design. In her studio practice, she focuses on working with clay, particularly clay sculpture. As with her illustration, it is the telling of stories that is central to her figurative clay sculpture or in drawings and paintings done on functional or two-dimensional work.

Humour is often used to create a point of connection between the artist and viewer, a way of dropping defences so that observations can be made in a revealing but unthreatening way. Diane’s sculptures are an exploration of life's subtle (or not so subtle) moods through the expressive, unguarded faces and gestures; mostly amusing, sometimes dark, always reflective.

Diane’s work has been exhibited in Galleries throughout Ontario and can be found in private collections both in Canada and internationally. She has taught drawing, painting and sculpture and has coordinated art workshops which attract participants internationally.

Examples of Diane's workshops:

Diane Black workshops
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Diane Black
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