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Benedictus Mattson

Choreographer and Performer

Benedictus Mattson is a Choreographer, Performer, and Researcher with interest in Ghanaian popular dances. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana. At the postgraduate level, Benedictus explored creating dances for commercials, by synthesizing contemporary African dances with popular Ghanaian dances, eventually carving a niche for himself as a specialist in popular dance. Benedictus served as an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Dance Studies, University of Ghana, where he taught popular dance, Choreography, African dance performance, dance forms of Ghana/Africa to both local and international students at the undergraduate level. He is currently a Cultural Studies PhD candidate at Queen's University where he investigates the Mediatization of Ghanaian popular dance with primary focus on the Azonto dance's presence on Instagram and how dancers' interaction with/on the social media platform helps transform, configure, and reconfigure the dance. Benedictus is also currently the Afrobeats/Afrodance instructor at the Kingston School of Dance.

Examples of Benedictus's Workshops:

Benedictus Mattson - Workshops
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Benedictus Mattson
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